Electrical and Computer Engineering


Now that students have a basic understanding of circuits, teams will create parallel and series circuits. They will understand the circuits behavior based on the type of wiring. Students will also explore the use of a physical switch in a circuit.


  • Build a parallel and series circuit using a breadboard
  • Understand and identify parallel and series circuits.
  • Explain the benefits and drawbacks to each type of circuit.
  • Identify where each type of circuit may be used.

NGSS Standards

NGSS Standard Student Action
HS-PS3-5. Develop and use a model of two objects interacting through electric or magnetic fields to illustrate the forces between objects and the changes in energy of the objects due to the interaction. Students use Arduinos to build a physical circuit to light up an LED light in parallel and in series.

NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas

NGSS Disciplinary Core Idea Student Action
ETS.HS.1C.a Criteria may need to be broken down into simpler ones that can be approached systematically, and decisions about the priority of certain criteria over others (trade-offs) may be needed. Students follow specific steps to use Arduinos to build a physical circuit to light up an LED light.