Industrial Engineering


Acting as industrial engineers, student teams will conduct a time and motion study of a simple assembly (bridge base).

This project emphasizes the importance of reducing wasteful motions in order to reduce injury, fatigue and to increase productivity. The students should be able to complete the majority of the work, including the lab report and the poster, during class time.

Teacher Notes

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  • To practice conducting a time and motion study of a simple assembly (Bridge Base).

  • To understand the importance of reducing the number of wasteful motions to increase productivity, reduce fatigue and possible injury.

NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas

NGSS Disciplinary Core Idea Student Action
ETS.HS.1A.a Criteria and constraints also include satisfying any requirements set by society, such as taking issues of risk mitigation into account, and they should be quantified to the extent possible and stated in such a way that one can tell if a given design meets them. Students consider given criteria and constraints when conduction a time and motion study to examine the process of building a bridge base.
ETS.HS.1C.a Criteria may need to be broken down into simpler ones that can be approached systematically, and decisions about the priority of certain criteria over others (trade-offs) may be needed. Students break down the process of building and bridge base as well as analyze and prioritize individual actions to maximize efficiency in a time and motion study.

Expected Lesson Duration

Lesson 1 - Introduction: 30 - 60 minutes

Lesson 2 - Projects: 150 - 180 minutes

Lesson 3 - Quiz: 30 - 60 minutes